Monday, February 5, 2007

What a fun weekend!

Well, we had a very busy weekend! After being up most of the night Friday, we spent Saturday morning at the doctor's office. What I had predicted was true... an ear infection. We have been very lucky with our tubes until now, so I guess we can't complain too much. Appartently Cooper's right tubes was blocked, but it drained and is much better now!!! With some much needed sleep, we are all feeling much better thanks to a big Saturday nap.
On Sunday we went to church, took a nap and prepared for the Superbowl. We went to some friends house to help cheer on the Colts to their victory!!! All of the kids played, while the adults watched the game! We all had a great time.
Then on Monday morning (yes I know this is not part of the weekend, but oh well) we went to Partyville. This is a warehouse that has 6-7 big inflatable jumping machines. All of the kids loved this place. Our playgroup gets together every Monday and we all went to Partyville this week! Why didn't they have things like this when we were little??? Well, we hope you all had a great weekend!

I love taking baths!!!


This is just one of the slides at Partyville. Doesn't it look like fun!!!

All bundled up and ready to go!!!


Deana said...

How awesome you have so many places to take Cooper. We will have to spend a day doing some of those fun outings soon!
Love you

Amy said...

I wish we had a Partyville in Paducah, that place is great!! Don't you just hate ear trouble? Since Sophie had tubes, we've been ear trouble free!! I hope it lasts.

Uncle Steve & Aunt Rhonda said...

What a little man! We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Maybe we might just be a little bit biased.
Love All Of You!