Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fun with Friends and Valentines Party!!!

Making our valentines for Cooper's school party. He choose Spiderman this year!

At school on Thursday Cooper's class had their Valentine's party. They were supposed to come dresses like a prince or princess but we do not have any "prince" clothing. So the other option was for the boys to come to school wearing one of their Daddy's ties. Cooper went with this idea instead. Here is he before school! (The ties literally was as big as him!)
This is Cooper, Tommy, Ian and Caleb dressing up like knights at their school Valentine's Party. (Notice that they all wanted to wear their shields on their back instead of in the front. Too funny!!)
Opening his valentines from all of his friends!
My "Littlest" Valentine!!!
On Wednesday we went over to Kim, Brennan's and Tommy's house for a play date. Cooper and another little boy from their class, Caleb came too! All the boys had a great time playing and just doing BOY things!! They all got along really well which was really nice!!
Here is Tommy and Cooper hanging out!
Kim has a set of boxing gloves and Cooper really wanted to box so Kim played boxing with him for a few minutes! She is much braver than I was!!!
Caleb, Cooper, Tommy and Hudson all wanting to play the Wii.

This little man cracks me up! Apparently he has really been watching Cooper, Chris and I play Wii Fit! There is a game on there that you have to ski jump and this is Hudson pretending to ski jump. It is so funny!
Preparing for the jump....
and the jump!!!

Yesterday Deana and the boys came down to play! As always we had a great time and we took advantage of this great weather! Here are some pictures of the boys playing together!
Tallan, Hudson and Cooper riding in the Jeep!Dayne and Cooper playing football!!