Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coolidge Park

On Monday Cooper and I met our playgroup down at Coolidge Park. It was much warmer today so playing in the water was lots of fun for the kiddos!! We had a picinic, played in the water and rode on the carousel. These are a few pictures from Monday.

Cooper and Meghan (his little girlfriend) rocking in the chair.

Me and my baby riding on the carousel.

Meghan, Heidi and Cooper having fun in the water!

Posing on the turtle.

Cooper, of course, playing with yet another ball!

Cooper and Meghan

Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

We went to Jackson Mull's 2nd birthday party Friday night and we all had lots of fun! They had it at Scrambler's Alley Park and Cooper had a blast. Of course he wanted to play with all of Jackon's new presents and eat his entire cake, but I finally convinced him to one piece of cake and to play on the playgroup instead. Thanks Nicole, Benny and Jackson for a fun birthday party!The party theme was "Bob the Builder" so Cooper decided to wear Jackson's construction hat for part of the party!

Sporting the sunglasses that came in the goody bags!!

(This was the night before) Chris and I took Cooper to eat and then to play "ball" at Coolidge Park. The water was feezing, but Cooper was determined to play in it no matter what! As you can see, we did not play a lot of baseball!!

Sitting on the tires at the park!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Gym play time

My aunt and uncle own a gymnastic center in Ooltewah and we decided to take Cooper over there to see if he would like it. As you can see he did!! He had such a great time!! Climbing out of the pit after jumping off of the trampoline!

Hanging from the uneven bars!

Taking a break on some piece of gym equipment!!

Chillin' in the pit!

Mommy and Cooper "stuck" in the pit.
I do not recommend getting into a pit if you are prego. It is VERY TOUGH getting out!!
A quick update about Cooper and his eye infection. He is doing great and the doctor said that he could resume all of his normal activities!! Thank goodness because I do not think that we could keep him calm (whatever that is??) much longer!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter - Our weekend

We had a very busy and eventful Easter weekend. On Thursday, Jackson and Connor, our Godchildren, came down from Nashville to spend Easter weekend with us. We always have fun with them we they are in town. Cooper loves to play with them and he thinks that he is as big as they are!! Also that night, my mom bought Cooper a special Easter present and she brought it over. His special gift was a REAL BABY DUCK! Cooper did not know what to think of it, but the twins absolutely LOVED it! On Friday morning we headed down to the Discovery Museum to let the boys play and Cooper went to his Playgym class. We had a fairly calm evening and just enjoyed hanging out with Grandma(Bev) that evening. On Saturday we went to Playworld Down Under. It is a huge indoor playground. They all had a great time, but I noticed that Cooper was acting really tired and his left eye was red and swollen. I thought that he was having a reaction to the duck, which is now gone. I called the doctor and they said give him Benedryl. I gave him some and laid him down for his nap. When he woke up, his eye was almost swollen shut and Chris and I had to pry it open. I called the doctor again and they asked me a bunch of questions and told us that we needed to get him to the T.C. Thompson's ER ASAP! I was freaking out b/c by now his eye was opening, but green junk was coming out of his eye. The lady told us to get him there within 3 hours b/c this particular infection could affect his vision. So we got there and it was a bad viral infection in his eye, but they put him on some medicine and told us to go our doctor on Monday morning. He was going to be ok!!!! By this time I was completely worn out so we went over to my dad's for dinner and to dye Easter eggs. Thanksfully the rest of our night was calm and enjoyable!! We dyed eggs and had lots of fun hanging out with Papaw (K-dog). Of course Sunday was Easter but I keep Cooper home from church just to make sure he was ok and not contagious. He seemed to be fine so we ate lunch and headed to our family Easter egg hunt! Wow, I know that this is a long blog, but I just wanted everyone to know how crazy, but fun weekend we had!!!
Connor, Chris, Cooper and Jackson dying Easter eggs!!
What a cute bunch of guys!!

Daddy helping Cooper with his egg!

This is the baby duck that my mom "Nana" got Cooper for Easter. It was very cute, but Chris was allergic to it, so we had to take it back. I was very thankful we could take it back, b/c on Thurdsay night, that duck quacked all night and Maggie our dog tried to eat it more than once. On a funny note, Cooper has a motorized train that the duck would follow around the track qaucking. I guess he thought it was following it's mother like all ducks do. He also followed Cooper around the house and Cooper did not like this at all. He would run away from it saying, "No No Quack Quack!!!" It was very funny!!

Cooper was not crazy about the duck, but we convienced him to hold it for just a minute so that I could take a picture!

Well that about wraps up our weekend. I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter with your families! Have a great week!

Easter Party at school

On Thursday Cooper had an Easter party at his preschool. They hunted eggs,
had cupcakes and the Easter Bunny made an appearance. They all had lots of fun!!
Max, Matthew, Gracie and Cooper wearing their bunny ears!!

Cooper and I wearing some bunny ears!

My cute little bunny!!

As you can see, Cooper was not a fan of the Easter Bunny. I had to bribe him to stand their long enough to get this picture. As soon as I took the picture, he ran to me and said, "No No Hop Hop!!"

Overall, I thought the party was cute and the kidos seemed to enjoy their special party. They were all so excited to open their Easter eggs. It was very cute!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday our church had a wonderful Easter egg hunt. Despite the rain, we all had a great time and the children seemed to be enjoying themselves! Cooper liked the eggs for about 2 minutes and then he found an egg with a sucker inside. Once he found that egg, his hunting was over!! I had to bribe him to find some more eggs so I could take some more pictures. It is crazy the things that parents do just to get a couple of cute pictures!!