Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!!

Well, last weekend we put up our Christmas decorations! It is finally Christmas time at our house! Cooper was so excited! He loves the tree and all of the lights! He is especially excited about the presents! Hudson just sits and stares at the tree and our musical Grinch (Cooper is always turning on!) Anyways, good luck with all of your Christmas decorations and shopping!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pajama party with Santa!!

On Sunday, Chris and I took Cooper to the mall to have a pajama party with Santa and friends. There were lots of great characters there and of course Cooper was scared of them so that is why there are not any pictures of these great characters! Anyways, it was lots of fun! While the children ate, the charatcters put on a little skit. Then the kids got to particiate in face painting, crafts, watch a laser show, have milk and cookies and of course got to sit on Santa's lap. I am really glad that we took him b/c by the end of the night, Cooper was not scared of "HoHo" anymore, in fact he actually wanted to go back and sit on his lap again!!!

After Cooper told Santa what he wanted for Christmas, he posed with Santa and Mrs. Clause

Cooper and Meghan chillin out waiting to get their face painted!

Isn't he cute sitting in Shrek's chair!

Cooper sitting in the sleigh with Santa and Mrs. Clause!
Cooper and Meghan hugging each other before they had to say good night!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy week

As many of you know, last Wednesday night there was a horrible storm/tornado in our area and many other areas near Chattanooga. Being the terrified person (of tornados) that I am, I decided that we all needed to get into the closet and wait on the storm to pass. I know that this seems silly, but I was really afraid that this tornado was coming toward Ooltewah. So since we were goingto be in the closet a while (about 20-30 minutes) I took some toys and books in so that Cooper would have something to do and not be so bored! Well, Cooper ended up loving being in the closet and he did not want to get out. He kept saying "Lets stay and play in the closet" and then he even said "I want to sleep in Daddy's closet tonight!" During our entire closet adventure, Hudson managed to stay asleep and completely unbothered the entire time! So anyways, I know that I probably went a little overboard, but at least my family is safe!!!

This was Cooper's face when we told him that we were going to stay in the closet and play b/c of the storm!

Here is Cooper sitting in the closet reading and waiting out the storm/torando!

On Sunday afternoon, we took Cooper up to the stables by my mom's house. Lori and Bailey were nice enough to get Jester (their horse) out so Cooper could ride on him! As you can see, he loved riding their horse!!! Thanks again for letting him ride on Jester!

Cooper in his riding gear!!

Here is Cooper riding on Jester!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Last Friday, we took the kids to Boo in the Zoo! Cooper had a blast. There were pony rides, candy, games and most of the animals were out playing so the kids loved watching them! We met some friends down there and we all had a great time!

Hudson sitting in the stroller in his adorable spider costume!

Cooper and his horse posing for the camera! (He picked this costume out!!! Is it not hilarious!)

This is just a random picture of Hudson hanging out oustide one day last week. WE LOVE THE BUMBO SEAT!!

On Monday our playgroup had a fun Halloween party at Nicole's house. She had crafts for them to do, great food to eat, the kiddos all dressed up in their costumes and they even got to play outside b/c it felt so great! We all had a wonderful time! Thanks Nicole for letting all of us crash your house!

Jessica, Kyle (an elephant), Me and Hudson (a spider) at our playgroup's Halloween party!

A picture of some of the mommies and our sweet baby boys!
Jessica, Kyle, Becky (holding Evelyn's baby, Nolan), Karen, Cason, Me and Hudson

Here is a picture of some of the kids from our playgroup. It was very hard to try and get them all to look and smile at the same time! They were all so cute in their costumes!

Here is another picture of the babies and the mommies. (Sorry Karen about cutting you out of the pictures. I am not sure what happened???)

On Tuesday, Cooper had a class party with his friends from Mother's Day Out! They had games, face painting, jumping inflatables, a candy hunt, etc. Here is a picture of his class and teacher Mrs. Gillian! We love her!

Cooper got these silly glasses from a friend of his at school!

Last night we had our trunk-or-treat at church. We had a good turn out and all of the children looked so cute all dressed up in their costumes! Some of the trunks were pretty amazing too! Hope that you all had a great Halloween! Here are some pictures from our night!

Cooper and Nana

Our family picture from trunk-or-treat

Daddy and his horse!

Daddy and his two boys

Me, Chris, Hudson "the spider"and Cooper "the horse"

Grandma and the boys

The boys with Papaw and Ms. Gail