Friday, February 23, 2007

"Warmer" Weather + Great Weekend = FUN!

Well, we hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend like we did!! We have lots of fun things to tell you about!! On Thursday night (yes, I know that this is not a weekend day, but oh well) we had some friends come over to help Chris hang our new TV. Chris and I are not very handy people, so I insisted that he have a buddy of his come and help put a big hole in our wall. Well, as they were hanging the tv, Cooper and Mark's daughters (Lela who is 2 and Emma who is 4) played together. I was glad that they got to come over because Camilla and I got to talk while the men worked and the kids played!

After Thursday night, Cooper was pretty tired but on Friday we still did our usual: Playgym at the Creative Discovery Museum. He loves going to this class!! After nap we met Nana at the park! What fun!! Thanks Nana!!!

Saturday was a very busy day!! I had a luncheon with some of the other mommies from our playgroup! We met at the English Rose and it was so nice. It really helped all of us to be able to do something without the kids. Lunch was wonderful and we had a great time. Also today my best friend Deana and her husband and son came in town to spend the day with us. We let the boys play while we did some baby shopping. I am due July 19th and she is due July 20th. It was wonderful to get to spend the day with all of them. We also get to see them this coming weekend too because it will be Dayne's 2nd birthday!! We can't wait!!

Today was church. After church we had a luncheon to celebrate our new/upcoming building. Our church raised a lot of money and we thought that we should celebrate this wonderful news!! We had a great turnout and the food was really good!

Well, that about wraps up our weekend and since it was so busy, we are all pretty tired. On that note, I think I am going to go lay down before Cooper wakes up!! Have a great week!!

Lela, Emma and Cooper playing with Playdough!! What a mess, but they had fun!!

Cooper loves to "drive" so I thought I would share this cute picture.

Cooper playing outside in the "warmer weather." Now I am ready for Spring!!!!
Cooper playing with his sidewalk chalk! Daddy wrote "Daddy, Mommy, Cooper and Baby" and Cooper thought he would add to the writing!!!

My 2 favorite things: balls and being outside!!!! Can it get any better.


Amy said...

Looks like fun. I'm glad that you and Deana have stayed close. How fun to have babies together. Have a great week.

Deana said...

We had such a great weekend! I know that the boys had so much fun together! I only wish we were closer. I am going to post some pictures from Sticky Fingers and when I figure it out I will put the ones from the car on the blogpage. Have a great day!
Thanks for going shopping with me!!
Love you

The Adcocks said...

Cooper is a doll!! He looks so much like you but I see alot of Chris too. I didn't even know you had a baby. I guess you were pregnant at Leighann's wedding. I think I got pregnant a month and a half later. What month was Cooper born? Will will be two in July. I've been meaning to leave a comment but haven't gotten around to it. I'm bad about leaving comments but Cooper is so cute!!! Congratulations on baby # 2. We aren't quite there yet. I don't think it will be to too long. I still haven't adjusted from being pregnant the first time. haha It feels like yesterday. I'm glad y'all are doing well. Tell Chris I said hello. I always wondered what happened to the twins y'all use to babysit.

Mary-Kate said...

Cooper is a doll! I'm so glad you sent me your blog link so I can keep tabs on you!