Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wiggles!!!

This past Friday night we headed to Nashville to see The Wiggles Live in concert! I must admit that they put on a very entertaining show! Chris and I were both impressed and Cooper and Hudson absolutely LOVED the show! If your children are into The Wiggles and they are ever in town, I highly suggest you go see them! Anyways here are some pictures from the show:This is a pictures of "the bone" that Cooper made Wags the Dog.
Posing in his new Wiggles shirt and Big Red Car light-up toy.
Making their entrance in The Big Red Car!
Murray and Anthony playing the guitar!
Cooper giving one of the dancers the bone that he made for Wags.
Dancing to the music.
There are a couple of pictures that I did not include because they were a little blurry but Chris got us such great tickets (the 6th row) Cooper got to give high fives to Anthony and Jeff. It was cute becasue he was so proud!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hudson's Birthday Party!!

Well we all had a great time at Hudson's party! We had lots of family and friends over to help us celebrate our sweet baby turning ONE! Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate!Here are some pictures of the big day:
Hudson in his sweet little outfit
(compliments of Melia- Baby Einstein cake
The set-up
Sweet Tallan and Hudson driving the jeep.
My cousin Ashley and her sweet little girl Abbi. She and Hudson are only 1 week apart!
Cooper, Meghan and Ashley on the slip-n-slide.
Dayne climbing up the rope ladder
Cooper, Meghan, Ashley and Emily hanging out on the playset.
The birthday boy and his hat that he HATED!!


I just thought this picture was cute! I love when my boys make each other laugh!
Sweet cake kisses!
The end result
Opening presents

Happy birthday sweet boy! We all love you and we hope that you had a very special
1st birthday!
Hudson also had his "professional" pictures made this past week. It was an adventure!! Hudson cried most of the time thanks to a SHORT nap and teething, but here they are if you want to look at them. There are a couple of cute ones.
Click on storefront and the password is Jones76

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Boy!!

JULY 19, 2007~

It is hard to believe that my BABY is ONE today!!!! It seems like just a few months ago that we were bringing him home from the hospital!! Hudson has been such a huge blessing to our family and I cannot imagine not having him in our lives! Here are a few pictures of our sweet boy one year ago!!



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Today was Chris' last birthday in his twenties so we had some family over to celebrate! We all had a great time eating cake and playing outside! Unfortunately my camera battery was charging so I did not get any pictures. It is hard to believe that next year we will both be turning 30!! WOW we are getting old! HA!! :) Anyways, happy birthday Chris/Daddy! We love you!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July! Last Thursday kicked off our holiday week for us! Our church held their annual bike parade and the kids got to decorate their bikes, tricycles, etc, with as much red, white and blue as possible! They all had a great time!
Hudson sporting is red, white and blue decorated car!
Cooper and his decorated bike!
After the ride all of the kids got popsicles! This was Cooper's favorite part!!!
Cooper and his friend Riley swinging after the bike parade.
This past Monday we had our playgroup 4th of July party! All of the kids played in the pool and on the cool water slide (thanks Petra). They had a blast. Here are the babies chillin' out in the wagon under the shade!

Joshua, Nolan and HudsonThis past Thursday night we went down to Coolidge Park for Pops in the Park with some of our friends. We all had a great time!!! We listened to music, ate lots of food, hung out with friends and watched some beautiful fireworks!! Here are some of the pictures:
Cooper, Meghan and Maggie
My sweet family!
Cooper waiting for the fireworks to start. He carried this American flag around all night!
Sweet little Cason and his mom Karen
Hudson was getting a little tired at this point so he climbed up to the chair and was taking a little break!
Cooper and Daddy watching the fireworks!
We hope that you all had a wonderful 4th of July and that you have enjoyed your nice, long weekend!
I also wanted to wish sweet little Tallan (my best friend Deana's little boy) a happy first birthday!! Thanks for having us at your party!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hudson is Walking!!!

Hudson has been taking several steps lately but yesterday he decided to walk all day. I LOVE this stage! I think it is so cute when they are wobbly walkers! Looks like we are in for more fun times!