Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day (a week late)

Ok so last week we had a dusting of snow for a couple of hours. We had some pretty big flakes, but it was not cold enough for it to stick. However we took advantage of the pretty little white stuff that we rarely see! Here are some pictures of the boys "playing" in the snow.

Cooper trying to eat some snow!Hudson was not to sure of the snow. He was ok with it falling, but he did not like it on the ground. He would not venture off of the patio b/c there was a slight dusting on the grass.
All bundled up and ready to play.
Like I said earlier.....a "slight dusting of snow!"
I walked in Hudson room tonight and this is what I saw. I thought that it was too cute of Hudson sitting with Daddy reading his books. He really loves his Daddy!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Show Week at The Little Gym!

On Wednesdays Cooper goes to a sports class at The Little Gym! He loves this class and every week they learn/practice new sporting skills. If you know Cooper at all you know that he LOVES sports so this class is perfect for him! Anyways the past Wednesday, they had a show off week. Each child got to show their parents what they have learned over the past 4 months! I was such a cute "performance!" Here is Cooper getting into his stance waiting to play football.
Walking on the balance beam
Getting ready to flip on the uneven bars with Mr. Keith!
Hudson wanting to be as big as brother!Cooper on the uneven bars!
At the end of their performance, Mr. Keith presented them all with a medal. It was very cute! He would call their names and they would walk up on the "platform" to receive their medal. They were all very excited about their medals!!! Here is Cooper with his Little Gym medal!
The whole class sporting their medals!
Hudson wanted a medal too, but he settled for just being on the platform with brother!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Visit with Friends!

So why does my child think that it is funny to pick his nose.... I guess because he knows that it grosses his mother out!!! This is Hudson newest thing! It drives me crazy. He will stick his finger so far up his nose that I am afraid that it is going to start bleeding!!! He will yell Momma until I turn around and stay "GROSS"!!!!!! Hopefully this will "new trick" will pass soon! This is Cooper's new thing.... serenading us with his rendition of "Jesus Love Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children." It is so cute because he really gets into the song!! He has even added a few whoo-hoos in there to make it more special!!
On Monday we went up to Manchester to visit with Deana and her boys, Dayne and Tallan. As always the boys had a blast playing together!! Itis too bad that we do not live closer together! Anyways, here are some pictures of our fun afternoon.
Dayne and Cooper playing Candyland!
Sweet little Tallan
Hudson trying to give Tallan a push on the tractor!
Hudson and Tallan "drawing" on the magna doodle
Cooper and Dayne
Last but not least this is how Hudson feel asleep today. He fought going to sleep for a while, but eventually he gave in and passed out!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

On Christmas morning Cooper woke up around 8:00 and we tried to procrastinate until Hudson woke up....but Cooper wanted no part in that plan. He kept saying, "Let's go wake up brother!! He wants to see what Santa left him!!" So eventually we woke up Hudson and went downstairs. They both loved their presents from Santa! They played with them for a little while and then we open gifts from each other! We all are so blessed! We all got so many nice gifts! I am convinced that our house now has as many toys as Toys R' Us. I cannot figure out where in the world we are going to put everything! I guess that this will push us in trying to really sell our house now!?!? Anyways, here are some pictures from Christmas day! Enjoy!
Cooper opening his gifts from us!
Aunt JuJu with the boys!
Christmas breakfast with Chris, Walter, Bev, Julie, Joe, Mom and Mitchell. Breakfast was very yummy! Thanks to everyone who brought something!!
Dr. Jones Family picture in our pajamas!!
Chris, Me, Julie and Joe in our matching Pajamas that "Santa" brought us!!
Our future quarterback for UT!! GO VOLS!!!
So maybe we have two future UT football players, but apparently this one is not as happy about it!!!Playing in the house that Papaw and Ms. Gail gave them!!
A guitar playing quarterback from UT!!
Christmas dinner with Grandma, Nanny, Pop, Papaw and Chris
We hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve morning and night!

On Christmas Eve morning we went over to my Dad's for breakfast with Ms. Gail, Papaw, JuJu and Joe. We had a yummy breakfast and opened gifts! We all had a great time together and this is a picture of the whole gang Christmas Eve morning!
Joe, JuJu and Cooper On Christmas Eve night we went to church with my mom and Mitchell then we headed over to their house for dinner and gifts! We all got some really nice gifts, but the best of all were the gifts Joe got Julie! They were stinkin' hilarious!!
Hudson and Daddy. I LOVE this picture!!Cooper playing his guitar that Nana and Mitchell got him! He LOVES it!!
JuJu and Joe--nice outfits!!!
These are the PRETTY snowsuits that Joe got Julie for Christmas!! Ready to go skiing!
Christmas Eve pajamas
Cooper's last picture with Bing (until next year!)
Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas!!

Now we are ready for SANTA!!!

Rock City

On Tuesday night, before Christmas, my dad, Ms. Gail, JuJu, Joe, Cooper, Chris, Hudson and I all went up to Rock City's Enchanted Lights! We all had so much fun and it really help get us in the Christmas spirit!
The whole gang!
The family!!
Chris and I
Cooper, JuJu, Hudson and Joe
Me and Cooper
On Wednesday morning Bing, our elf, was no where to be found in the house. However he had left little pieces of paper with arrows marked for a path to follow. Cooper followed the path and it lead us straight to Bing. He was in Cooper's car seat waiting to go to Papaw's for breakfast and open gifts! We have really had fun with Bing this year, but I am glad that we only have one more night! I am out of ideas!!
Bing ready to go to Papaw's house to open presents on Christmas Eve morning!!

Pre Christmas Activities (Sorry they are so late!)

So a couple of weeks ago their was a pajama party at the mall. We decided to take the kids and of course Cooper loved it and Hudson loved it until he had to sit in Santa's lap. Here are some pictures of some of the pre-Christmas activities that we have been up too!
On the last day of preschool, Cooper class has a pajama party. All of the kids had a great time and they all looked so cute! Here are some pictures from the day.
Cooper and Caleb playing in their pajamas at school!

Cooper with Santa (Mr. Steve)

Cooper's preschool class in their pajamas
Hudson loved his candy cane!! Yummy!!
On the Saturday before Christmas, my Mom's side always gets together and has Christmas. There are TONS of kids there and we always have a great time. Of course Santa always makes a visit and brings the kids lots of toys. Here are some pictures from our fun day:
Cooper loved Santa!!

....but Hudson HATED Santa!! He is holding on for dear life so that he won't have to go see Santa!!
Cooper and Nana