Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mix of Pixs

On Saturday my best friend Deana came down and we spent the entire day together! We had a great time shopping, eating and talking without having 2 two-year olds pulling at us! Thanks to our wonderful husbands, we got to have a much needed girls day. Deana is having Tallan next Thursday (July 5) and I am due in 3 weeks!! We both needed some last minute baby stuff so we spent the day finishing up our baby shopping! I am so lucky to have such a great friend and it is so much fun to be pregnant at the same time! I just hope that our boys will be as close as we are! Thanks Deana for a wonderful day!!!!
Look at how much bigger I look than Deana and really our due dates are only
1 day apart! Mine is July 19th and her is July 20th!

This is Cooper's new "Big Boy Bed." As you can see, he really likes it! So far, he
has done great with the transition! Let's just hope it stays this was once
Hudson gets here!

This is Cooper and Riley (another one of my great friends little boy) They are only 5
days apart so they love to play together. We are so glad that they have moved
back into town!!
These are some of the wonderful mommies from our playgroup that threw us a
baby shower! Out of the nine of us mommies, five of us were or are prego and we
all are having/had little boys! We will have a playgroup inside a playgroup!
What fun!! Thanks ladies for such a wonderful shower!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am still here!!!

OK, so some of you already know the drama that has happened to us over the past week, but for those of you who do not, here it goes. Two Fridays ago, June 8, we were home putting together Cooper's new "Big Boy Furniture" when Chris said he smelled smoke. I brushed it off and told him it was probably the boxes from the warehouse (you know how they smell all musty and stuff). So we kept working on Cooper's furniture and Cooper continued to play and splash in the bathtub. About 10 minutes later, Chris said something about the smoke smell again and this time I smelled it too! We both started to get a little freaked out, but our smoke alarms were not going off. We checked the dryer, the stove, etc. and we found nothing. By this time when we looked up you could see the smoke all in our house. It looked so foggy and one of our alarms was now going off. We yanked Cooper out of the bathtub, much to his disliking, turned off air off (b/c I thought that it would just stir around the smoke) and ran outside. We called the fire dept. and they headed our way. Here we are at 9:00 on a Friday night standing outside in our yard waiting for the fire department to get here. When they got here, not only one fire truck came, but 3 and also 4 police cars. Neighbors were all coming out to see what was going on. It was like Halloween in our neighborhood! Well, to make a long story short, the firemen could not find anything at first and then they finally turned our air conditioner back on and boom there was the smoke again! Some wires in the air conditioner unit had caught on fire and were sparking and smoking. they said that luckily we were home and turned off the AC before we went outside or our house would have probably be up in flames. We did not have any fire damage, just some smoke damage. Our insurance payed to have someone come and repaint the inside of the house, clean all our carpets and couches, Cooper's toys, Hudson's new bedding, the curtains, etc. We also got a new AC unit!!! Needless to say my house was spotless we when finally got to move back in!!! I really wanted to do some of these things before Hudson was born, but I was not planning on going about it this way! Well, after 8 nights of being homeless, we are thankfully back home now. Thanks to parents for letting us crash with them for the past week! So when I finish going through all of our things, I promise to start blogging regularly again! Until then, have a great week!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Elmo Birthday Party

Cooper had his Elmo birthday party last night and despite the rain, the kids had a great time!! I was so worried all day long that it was going to rain. Everyone kept saying, "No, don't worry, it is not supposed to rain until Saturday!" Boy were they all wrong!! I just knew that as soon as we got down to the Riverpark and set everything up, it would start raining. Well guess what, it did!!! As soon as everything was ready to go and a couple of people got there, the rain started!! At first the kids hung out under the pavillion, but then they spotted a water hole (which later became a mud hole). That was the end of the pavillion for most of them. As you can see from some of the pictures below, they did not let a little bit of rain slow them down! Eventually the rain did stop and the kids got to play on the playgroud! All in all, I think that everyone had a good time! Thanks to all of our family and friends who help celebrate Cooper's eventful 2nd birthday party with us!

Cooper, Heidi and Meghan playing in the water hole!
Cooper's Elmo cupcake! (I think the candle was bigger than the cupcake!)

After cake the rain stopped, but the kids then learned that the mud hole was still there! (Thanks Riley and Caleb for the net and the digging tools! They were great for digging in the mud.)

Dayne got Cooper 3 wonderful tractors and they boys were testing them out to make sure that they worked!!! (Dayne, Cooper and Riley)

By the time the party was over, Cooper was soaking wet and covered in mud.
We decided to just strip him down and take him home! (FYI: His bath water was about the color of the muddy water he had been playing in!)