Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hudson is Crawling!!

Hudson started crawling tonight! He has been on the verge for a couple of days, but tonight he decided it was time!! Take a look!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Easter Egg Hunt

I think that this is the last of the Easter pictures! This was from our church egg hunt.
Cooper, Lillie and Riley

And he's off!!
Doesn't this look so sweet and innocent!?!?
Papaw and his buddies!

This is how Hudson was through most of the egg hunt!
My sweet family!
Being silly after his nap!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Playgroup Easter Party

Last Monday we had our playgroup Easter party. It was a little chilly, but we still played outside and had a wonderful egg hunt for the kiddos! They all play so well together and they seemed to enjoy the riding toys as well as the egg hunt! Here are some pictures from our fun party!
Cooper and Lydia playing with sidewalk chalk!
Meghan, Alex and Cooper
Cooper driving the very popular Dora jeep. This was a HUGE hit and everyone wanted to drive the jeep. This jeep is totally "pimped" out!!! It has a working radio, it goes both forward and backwards and even had Dora's famous backpack attached. It is a cool jeep!

Cooper and Meghan going for a ride.
Hudson must have decided that he was hungry and that he did not want to wait for his lunch, so... he just ate a leaf instead! Yummy!!
Cooper looking for the eggs!

Cason, Hudson, Joshua and Kyle playing with their eggs during the hunt.
The whole gang!

Dying Eggs and Bath Fun

Last week Cooper wanted to dye some Easter eggs. Here are some pictures from this adventure.

Just a random picture of Hudson in the bath. Look at his cute hair.
Cooper holding a bunny from a Easter hunt last week.
My sweet little family!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Bunny and Ears

On Friday, Chris and I took the boys to see the Easter Bunny. We were a little concerned about this b/c Cooper is SCARED to DEATH of him. He would wave from a distance, but it took a lot of coaxing to get him to sit on his lap. Eventually he warmed up to him and did sit, but only long enough for me to take a picture! Cooper kept looking at his "net" mouth and tried to see what was inside. Luckily we could not see the person's eyes this year! That would have really freaked him out!!! Hudson just sat and stared at him and then would smile at us! Overall I was a good experience, but I am sure that next year Hudson will be scared and Cooper will love him!:) FUN!!They got these bunny ears for visiting the Easter Bunny.

Easter party

Cooper had his Easter party at school last Thursday and these are some of the cute pictures that Chris took. They are all little boys except Emma and she was sick today.Cooper was very excited about the egg hunt!!
He ran to find the hidden eggs!

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Underwear and PJ's

On Thursday my mom and I had the chance to go shopping in Dawsonville, GA ALL DAY!! It was so nice! Hudson went with us and as usual he was wonderful! We got lots of great deals and spent lots of money. We really had a great time! While we were there, we bought Cooper some new underwear since he is now potty trained!!! He decided to try them on and pose for me this morning. When I looked up he was laying like this and said "Cheese!" I thought it was too funny! Check out his Lightning McQueen tattoo on his stomach.Look at how skinny he is.
When I went in on Wednesday to get Hudson up from his nap, this is what I saw. He is starting to pull up, but today he decided to pull his bumper down to take a peak. I just started laughing!
My boys in their matching St. Patrick's pajamas

Hudson is almost crawling. I predict only a few more weeks until we have another little explorer in the house.
Making Daddy proud shooting hoops!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Muddy Fun!

Last Sunday Chris and I went to Knoxville to see the last UT boys basketball home game. We had a good time and I think we were both happy to get away for an afternoon! Anyways when we got back into town we met my Dad, Ms. Gail and the boys at the park. Cooper wanted to feed the ducks so they went to the duck pond. As you will see below, there were several BIG puddles from all of the rain. Cooper received the ok from his Daddy and off he went, straight for the puddles! He had a blast and we laughed so hard watching him. He was a total mess, but he did not seem to care! This is my favorite. As he was running, he slipped and fell in the puddle. It was hilarious!

Thank goodness everybody and everything came clean!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easter pictures

Yesterday Chris and I took the boys to get their Easter pictures. I must admit that it is always very stressful on me. It is so hard to get both boys to look the same way and then to get them to smile too. Besides Hudson trying to eat the bunny's ears and Cooper not wanting to smile the same time as Hudson, the pictures turned out fairly well. By the end of the session, Hudson was getting tired and hungry so the last set of pictures are not as good as the first ones. I thought that you may want to take a look. Click on storefront and the password is Jones07.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Beautiful Day at the Park

It was such a nice day today so we meet several of our friends at the park! Here are several pictures from the day! We are so ready for spring! (The first two pictures are just random pictures of Hudson sitting naked! I love these two pictures!) On another note, Cooper has now decided to use the potty!!! He just decided on Friday night that it was time to be a BIG BOY!!!YEAH, no more diapers!!! One down, one to go!!
Hudson and Gracie play on the blanket!

Cooper and Meghan chillin' in the wagon!
Cooper and Maggie pushing Hudson in the swing!
My happy baby!

If you look closely, you can see Hudson's two little teeth. They are so cute!
"I Love My Brother!"Cooper riding Max's bike.