Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our visit with Aunt JuJu

Well, again Blogger would not let me post any pictures this week. Finally I decided to get on Chris' laptop and try! Yeah, it finally worked!!!!

We had a great time with Julie and Cooper was very happy to see her! Julie was very excited that he knew who she was and could finally say her name!! She is always practicing JuJu with him. I think that they really bonded this past weekend! We got there Friday afternoon and met Julie at her apartment after she got off from work. We then took a walk around the campus(University of Virginia) and it is beautiful!! Cooper loved running through all of the open fields and watching the college kids play frisbee and football. We ate at Julie's place that night and several of her friends came over to see Cooper. Of course he put on a show for them!! On Saturday we walked around downtown and Cooper found a fountain to throw all of our money into! I think that he emptied all of our pockets in about 5 minutes. We had a wonderful dinner that night and then had some yummy ice cream! We headed out Sunday morning since we had a 7-8 hour drive ahead of us! I have to say that Cooper did great on the ride home!!! Even though it was a short time with Julie, it was great to get to spend some time with her!
I really needed some rest after our weekend trip, but of course Cooper was ready to go as usual!! We met up with our playgroup on Monday at Heritage Park. He was very excited to see his friends! It is so nice that he has friends his age that he can play with every week!
Hopefully I will not have trouble this week posting pictures!
Until next time.... have a great week!!
Meghan and Cooper playing with bubbles at the park!

Cooper playing with/sitting on one of his many balls!

Playing baseball on UVA's campus. I think that he was inspired by all
of the college kids playing ball! Thanks for helping Daddy!

Aunt JuJu and Cooper

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Headed to see Aunt JuJu

Well, we are heading to Virginia tonight to see my sister (Aunt JuJu) as she is now called around our house. It is a long trip, but we are spliting it up, so hopefully it will not be too bad! We have not seen Julie since Christmas, so we are all very excited about our visit. Hope that everyone has a great weekend and that you enjoy this beautiful weather!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just Swinging

What beautiful weather we have had lately! We decided to take advantage of
it while we have the chance!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beautiful Weather

Sorry it has taken so long to post new pictures, but I think that Blogger has been messed up. Oh well, at least it is working now!

On Sunday, we all came home and took a nap. When Cooper woke up from his nap, we decided that it was to pretty to stay inside so we ate a snack and headed outside. It was so beautiful!! Cooper decided to help his Daddy wash Mommy's car. He thought that it was funny to spray the water everywhere!

This picture is from Monday at the park. We meet up with our playgroup at Vandergriff Park. What a great park!! Cooper saw his friend Meghyn sitting on the bench and he thought he should go and join her.

Cooper helping Daddy spray the soap off of Mommy's car.

Cooper riding his John Deere Gator. He loves riding it down our driveway! It is cute to see him get so excited about this, but it makes me nervous!! I guess I am going to have to get used to this since Cooper will have a brother to teach all of these things too!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Baby News

Well, we had our doctor's appointment today and we finally know what we are having!! It is a BOY!!! That makes 2 precious boys for Chris and I!! We are very excited and I am very happy that Cooper will not only have a little brother to grow up with, but he will always have a built-in-playmate!! How fun!! With them only going to be 26 months apart, I HOPE that they will be good buddies!! We will see. Here are some of the pictures from today!

Well, as you can see this is the boy shot that he gave us. This is the toliet bowl view and it is pretty clear that "Hudson" is going to be a boy!! (Incase you cannot tell what everything is, just look at the arrow and it will explain everything for you!!)

This is my favorite picture! I LOVE IT!!! I think that it is so cute!! "Hudson" is smiling at us and I love it! Chris thinks that it is a little creepy, but I think it is sweet!!!

This is a picture of his adorable little feet. I think it is cute with them tucked together. They look like sweet, innocent little feet, but trust me, they already have some power behind them!!

The neatest thing about us having another boy is that 2 of my best friends and 3 other ladies from the playgroup that Cooper and I do things with, are all having BOYS!! I think that it is wonderful that "Hudson" will have bunches of buddies to grow up with and a wonderful BIG BROTHER to show him the ropes!!