Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Time!!

Since we have had beautiful weather lately, we have played outside everyday! Both Cooper and Hudson would sleep outside if we would let them. They have loved really loved digging for worms, catching caterpillars and helping us plant some flowers. Here are a few pictures from our outside adventures.
Hudson holding a worm that he found.Taking a break from all of the caterpillar catching!
Cooper using his magnifying glass to search for more bugs.
Cooper holding his caterpillar.
Hudson holding his "squished caterpillar." Every time Hudson picks up a poor little caterpillar, he ends us squishing it and then holds onto it forever. It is SO GROSS!!!!
Random picture of Hudson making his scowling face.
Last Wednesday we had some friends over and Caleb and Cooper decided to start their own little band. When I asked them what they were singing they told me a song that I did not know. It was about "Batman"!

Playing at Riverpark.
On Monday night Cooper had a baseball game. He did great and got two really good hits! Here is a picture of his little t-ball team! Go Mets!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last weekend we went to our church Easter egg hunt and Cooper and Hudson loved hunting for the eggs! We have been practicing at home so by this hunt they were both little pros! :)Here are some pictures from the hunt.
Cooper searching for eggs

Hudson searching for eggs!

I found one!!

On Sunday afternoon we went to Papaw's house to dye some eggs! They both LOVED this! I new that Cooper would enjoy it, but I think that Hudson enjoyed it as much as Cooper! Here are some pictures from our egg dying at Papaw's.

Look at what I found! (I love this picture! He was so proud!!!) Cooper and all of his eggs! Happy Easter!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cooper has been dying to play baseball for a while now so we finally gave in and let him play
t-ball this year! I have to admit, it has been fun buying all of the little t-ball equipment and his uniform! He is always wanting to "practice batting!" He is a really good hitter and we are working on his catching.
Yesterday was his first game and he was SO excited! His team is the Mets and Chris is coaching (which is very comical!) He talked about playing baseball all day. When it was finally time for the game he walked right out on the field and wanted to bat! He got 2 great hits and had a blast! Here are some pictures from his first game!

Ready to play ball!!
The Mets!!
Cooper and his friend Tommy before the game!
Running after a ball.
Focusing on catching the ball!!
Ready, set, get the ball!!
Waiting to bat! He was SO ready to bat!!
Cooper ready for his first at bat!In there team huddle after the game! "Go Mets!!"