Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fun times with Dayne and Tallan

Last week, the boys and I went to Manchester to visit my best friend Deana and her two sons, Dayne and Tallan. Most of you know that Dayne and Cooper are 3 months apart in age and Hudson and Tallan are only 2 weeks apart! We always have such a great time when we all get together! Here are some pictures of the boys! Of course they would be playing with their tractors!!!

Again, more tractors!

Hudson smiling, milk mouth and all, for the camera!! I love his little smiles!!!
Tallan and Hudson chilling out and trying to stay away from the big boys!!

I hope that our boys have the same type of relationship with each other as I do with Deana!!!


The Hadfields said...

Fun!! They are all so cute!

Deana said...

The pictures came out so good! I hope mine are that good when I get the film back! It was so great to see you guys and spend some time together. Dayne loves Cooper and they play so good together! The pic of Hudson and Tallan is so cute and I just remember what Tallan did after the picture was hilarious! Hope you guys are great!

Jennifer said...

Glad you girls and boys had fun. Hudson is getting so big!

Courtney said...

Hudson is getting so big already! Both of your boys are so cute!

moshieraj said...

I think the guys are going to be as good of friends as you two are!