Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Down on the Farm" Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we went with our playgroup and their families to "Down on the Farm" in Rainsville AL! (thanks Nicole for the suggestion) We all had a wonderful time! There were a total of 8 families there and as always the kids love being with their friends! There was so much to do there! We were all worn out by the time that we got home!! It you are able to go, then I highly recommend this place! Waiting for my friends to arrive!

Riding the John Deere tricycle

This is the cow train. Cooper was scared to death at first, but by the time the ride was over, he seemed to like it. However, I asked him if he wanted to ride it again and he said "NO"!!! Unfortunatley, most of the kids did not like this particular train:(

Cooper and Meghan (his little girlfriend) swinging on the horse

Riding on the hayride, waiting to stop and pick our pumpkins!

"Look Daddy, I found the perfect pumpkin!"

Daddy helping Cooper hold his pumpkin!

Apparently, we have a little VanGogh on our hands. Cooper LOVED painting his perfect pumpkin! I think that this was his favorite part!

Some of my friends on the fun hayride!!!


The Hadfields said...

That place looks great!! Cooper is so cute!!

Deana said...

I am glad you guys had so much fun! That place looked awesome!

caroline G said...

Too Cute!!! I love that white blonde hair! You look fantastic!! No way you just had a baby!

The Stone's said...

Great pictures. I have got to go to this place. I might get directions from you (at church maybe), if you don't care.

The Daniels said...

Looks like Cooper loved painting. Glad you guys got to go with friends.

Rebecca Claunch said...

Jennifer! Hi! Melia sent me a link to your blog page, I just got started, but I wanted to say hey and how cute is your family!! Can you believe how far we've come??