Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congrats Michele and Tenor

This weekend, our entire family went up to Nashville to be a part of Michele (aka -the twins /our Godchildren mother's) wedding. We got there early enough on Friday to take my boys to the park for a picnic. It was so nice outside. Later that night, we had the rehearsal and dinner at a cute little restaurant called Park Cafe. Saturday, we went over to Aunt Amy's house and hung out with her and Brian to watch some football. After Tennessee got killed:(, we headed to the church for the wedding. It was such a nice wedding. Michele looked beautiful and I must say the Cooper was adorable in his little outfit! Michele and Tenor looked so happy and I am so happy for them. We want to wish them the best of luck! We love you guys! Thanks for letting us be a part of this special day!Jackson, Cooper and Connor

Cooper and I just before the wedding!

The family

Another one of my favorite pictures from the wedding. Jackson, Cooper, me & Connor! It is hard to believe that the twins wore this same outfit when they were ringbearers in mine and Chris' wedding.

Brian, Cooper and Aunt Amy

Worn out after the wedding!

Cooper and Daddy hanging out on the swing! I LOVE this picture!!!

Michele made such a beautiful bride!

Hudson chillin' out, as usual, after the wedding. He is such a good baby! (Would you look at the rolls on his legs! Aren't they cute!!)


moshieraj said...

Your boys look so cute!!!! I can't believe the twins wore the same outfit Cooper has on. That is so sweet and I love Hudson's outfit. Please tell Amy I said hi! She looks amazing!

The Robertson's said...

Beautiful pictures! Cooper does look really sweet in his outfit. I love Hudson's roll- I LOVE fat babies. Amy really does look amazing!

Deana said...

I am so glad she is doing good! I bet you guys had a full weekend!You look good and the boys of course are adorable! Hudson is getting so big, like Tallan I don't know where the time has gone! Hope to you guys soon!

Courtney said...

What cute boys you have! Love Hudson's chunky legs and Cooper's outfit with knee socks! So cute! You look great too!!!

The Hadfields said...

Wow, I can't believe how big the boys look!! Michele does look great, I hope she's happy!!

kali said...

aghhhhh i LOVE these pictures of yall!!! so freakin cute!!