Monday, October 8, 2007

The Autumn Children's Festival

On Sunday my dad and I (Chris was at home working and watching Hudson) took Cooper to this fun little children's festival down at the Riverpark. Other than being very HOT, we had a great time! As you can tell from the pictures, Cooper had a blast and got to do his two favorite things: anything related to sports and ride a horse!! Playing mini golf for the first time! He hit the ball several times and then he
got tired of missing the hole, so he just picked up the golf ball and dropped
it in the hole!!! It was so cute!

Cooper loves to play baseball and I must admit, he can hit the baseball really
well to only be 2 years old!!

His other favorite thing:HORSES!!!
He looks so big sitting up there riding the horse. He had NO FEAR (and I must admit, it made me a little nervous)!

Once we got back home Cooper found his rain boots, even though it was beautiful outside and wore this outfit for the remainder of the night.
Hudson, sporting his Halloween pajamas, is all smiles as usual.
Isn't he so cute!!!

Isn't this the cutest little butt you have ever seen!!!!


Deana said...

Cooper looks like a big boy on that horse, I would have nervous too. He looks great in that jersey!! Hudson of course adorable as ever! I just made an apt for Tallan's 3 months pics, how sad!

Stephanie said...

I love the Halloween P.J.s, especially the "boo" on the bottom. Sometimes there can be scary sights on the other side of the bottom! :)

The Mulls said...

cute p.j.s. that festival looked like fun! I love fall! it is a great time to get the kids out and enjoy nature. You have two beautiful boys!

The Daniels said...

Love it!! I can't believe he's sitting by himself on that horse. The girls would be terrified and Hudson is too cute in those pj's