Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Visit with Friends!

So why does my child think that it is funny to pick his nose.... I guess because he knows that it grosses his mother out!!! This is Hudson newest thing! It drives me crazy. He will stick his finger so far up his nose that I am afraid that it is going to start bleeding!!! He will yell Momma until I turn around and stay "GROSS"!!!!!! Hopefully this will "new trick" will pass soon! This is Cooper's new thing.... serenading us with his rendition of "Jesus Love Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children." It is so cute because he really gets into the song!! He has even added a few whoo-hoos in there to make it more special!!
On Monday we went up to Manchester to visit with Deana and her boys, Dayne and Tallan. As always the boys had a blast playing together!! Itis too bad that we do not live closer together! Anyways, here are some pictures of our fun afternoon.
Dayne and Cooper playing Candyland!
Sweet little Tallan
Hudson trying to give Tallan a push on the tractor!
Hudson and Tallan "drawing" on the magna doodle
Cooper and Dayne
Last but not least this is how Hudson feel asleep today. He fought going to sleep for a while, but eventually he gave in and passed out!!!


The Roper's said...

Love the picture of Hudson with his finger up his nose! Boys! :)

The Hadfields said...

Great pics of your kids!

becky bell said...

Seriously, that picture of Hudson picking his nose, too funny! Love Cooper playing the guitar with no pants! I'm not the only one with a country boy!

Deana said...

We miss you guys so much! Maybe we could just get rid of the whole hour difference :-) Dayne is already wanting to see Cooper again so we need to plan on that :-)
Thanks so much for coming!!!

Ashley & Bobby said...

Pics are too cute...I agree w/everyone, the one w/ Hudson's finger in his nose is too funny!