Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rock City

On Tuesday night, before Christmas, my dad, Ms. Gail, JuJu, Joe, Cooper, Chris, Hudson and I all went up to Rock City's Enchanted Lights! We all had so much fun and it really help get us in the Christmas spirit!
The whole gang!
The family!!
Chris and I
Cooper, JuJu, Hudson and Joe
Me and Cooper
On Wednesday morning Bing, our elf, was no where to be found in the house. However he had left little pieces of paper with arrows marked for a path to follow. Cooper followed the path and it lead us straight to Bing. He was in Cooper's car seat waiting to go to Papaw's for breakfast and open gifts! We have really had fun with Bing this year, but I am glad that we only have one more night! I am out of ideas!!
Bing ready to go to Papaw's house to open presents on Christmas Eve morning!!


becky bell said...

Looks like it was fun! I wanted to go but not have to carry Wesley the whole time, maybe next year. I am going to have to do the elf thing next year, I but Cooper will miss Bing!