Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day (a week late)

Ok so last week we had a dusting of snow for a couple of hours. We had some pretty big flakes, but it was not cold enough for it to stick. However we took advantage of the pretty little white stuff that we rarely see! Here are some pictures of the boys "playing" in the snow.

Cooper trying to eat some snow!Hudson was not to sure of the snow. He was ok with it falling, but he did not like it on the ground. He would not venture off of the patio b/c there was a slight dusting on the grass.
All bundled up and ready to play.
Like I said earlier.....a "slight dusting of snow!"
I walked in Hudson room tonight and this is what I saw. I thought that it was too cute of Hudson sitting with Daddy reading his books. He really loves his Daddy!!


The Claunch Family said...

Love the last one of him and Chris! Too sweet

The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Love the picture of them reading together!

The Hadfields said...

You need to look at my blog and you'll be satisfied with a light dusting of snow. I wish that's all we would get!!
Sweet pic of Hudson and Chris. We have lots of pics like that of Sophie and Paul. So sweet!

TNHaus5 said...

So sweet with Chris and Hudson, those are melt your heart moments aren't they.

caroline G said...

Love their snow gear! They look straight out of a Christmas Story!