Thursday, September 18, 2008

We love this weather!!

This past Wednesday we stayed home all day and took advantage of the beautiful weather!! It was soooo nice here! I am ready for fall and hopefully this weather means it is on its way!!playing at the sand (rice) table
my little monkey getting ready to do the monkey bars
trying to be like big brother and climb UP the slide
this is what you get when you let your 14 month old play outside all morning!!!


Deana said...

Cute boys!! I miss them!!!

The Claunch Family said...

I agree about the weather, could not be more ready for fall!

Alicia said...

Oh, we are loving this weather too! I just wish I had the time to get out and enjoy it this week!

We have that same sand/water table in natural. How's the rice working for you? Ours went bad b/c water would accidently get mixed in. We tossed it and went straight to sand. We haven't had any issues with the sand yet.

becky bell said...

I love Copper playing without pants! Max will not do anything unless fully dresses. Hudson looks so big in his bed! They don't stay little long enough.