Saturday, September 27, 2008

random updates

Ok so back in the first part of September we were lucky enough to go to the beach AGAIN! We went with my dad and his girlfriend and we all had such a great time! Thanks for taking us Dad/Papaw! Anyways, I wanted to share some of the pictures with you!
Papaw and Cooper trying to "surf!"Papaw and Hudson "trying to surf" like big brother!

Hudson and Ms. Gail
"See Mom, I can do it too!"
Aunt JuJu with her favorite boys!(sorry the picture turned out darker than the others. Oh well, I still think it is sweet!)

Chris and I at dinner
Little Surfer Dude!
Taking a break and having a snack
Dancing with JuJu
"Aunt Kali" also got to come down for a couple of days! Here is JuJu, Cooper, Hudson and "Aunt Kali"
Our little family!
A family beach picture
Ok so the next set of pictures are not from the beach but I just wanted to share these pictures. Hudson has been "feeding" himself for a while now, but just recently he is very picky about what he will let us feed him. As you can see he wanted yogurt the other day and he had to do it all by himself. Here are some pictures of my little stubborn child enjoying his yogurt!


Deana said...

I am so glad you guys go to go away again- You have become the avid traveler this summer and you aren't done yet :-) You need to scrapbook all these trips!!
The boys are too cute and I need to get my hands on them soon- hopefully now I won't be back at the docs office for 3 months :-) so we can free up some time

The Roper's said...

So glad to hear the Hudson wants to feed himself...Bryce is going through the same thing. He will not let me feed him anything. Check out our blog...picture of Bryce feeding himself yogurt. Boys!! :)

The Hadfields said...

What great pics. How many times have yall been to the beach this year!? I'm jealous!!! :) Hope to see ya Friday night!

Courtney said...

cute pictures! will has the same kelly's kids alligator outfit - I just love it!