Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on Hudson and Cooper's First Day of Preschool!

Well first of all I have GOOD news! Hudson is FINE!!! I talked to the doctor today and so far all of the test results have come back negative!!! YEAH!! Apparently he has a REALLY BAD CASE of the nasty stomach bug that is going around. We just have to watch him closely and make sure that he stays hydrated! Thanks for all of your prayers and kind thoughts through this blog as well as through all of the e-mails!

On to other news: Cooper started back to school this past Tuesday!! He LOVES it!! He walked right in and hung up his backpack and lunchbox and then sat down to start painting. I walked over to take a couple of pictures and he just looked up at me and smiled! (Much different than last year!) Anyways when I gave him a kiss he said "See you later mom. Don't forget to come back and get me!" (I do not know why he said this, I have NEVER forgot him!!) Anyways here are some pictures of my "Happy Preschooler!"He was very proud of his cow lunchbox and backpack!

Painting with his new friends.
Posing with his teachers Ms. Judy and Ms. Wendy


Deana said...

Too cute!! How fast they are growing up- Dayne is now telling me that he wants his old class and his old teachers- I really haven't found out why yet, but just the fact that he remembers everything is just crazy to me. He loves going to and has no problems.
I am so glad that Hudson is fine, I hope he is feeling better!!

Stephanie said...

So glad Hudson is okay and I'm glad Cooper had a good first day at preschool. Wendy and Judy are Sooooo sweet! East Brainerd Preschool rocks!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad that Hudson is okay! I'm sure that was scary and a lot of mess!! Cooper looks adorable in his back to school pictures!

Courtney said...

I glad he is okay! Cooper looks cute on his first day of school!!

LeeAnne said...

I'm so glad Hudson is OK and it's nothing serious! Hope he's feeling better by now.

Cooper looks adorable! I'm glad he's liking school so well.

The Hadfields said...

So glad Hudson is better. Man, Cooper is a HAM!! :)

The Roper's said...

Great! So glad that Hudson is better and that it is nothing major...had me worried :) And so glad that Cooper is loving preschool!