Thursday, August 21, 2008

Way behind on blogging!!!

A couple of weeks ago Chris and I took Cooper to his first baseball game! We saw the Chattanooga Lookouts play and he had a great time. Besides wanting EVERYTHING to eat he was very good! We ended up leaving early because it was getting late but overall we had a great time!!! Here are some of the pictures!
Cooper was not too sure about "Louie the Lookout." He asked about him the entire game but when it came time to see him he was not so thrilled!! The only way he would see him is if I was holding him!

On another note Hudson has discovered that he can "dunk" the basketball. He loves to play at least until big brother comes in and takes over!
"YEAH!!! I made it!!!" (sorry about Cooper's rear end in the background)

On Sunday Chris took the boys for a bike ride. As you can see they both enjoyed it!!! Cooper asked all day if they could go again. Unfortunately Chris was worn out from the first ride and could not pull them anymore!! :)


Stephanie said...

The Lookouts experience sounds very familiar. All Hayley wanted to do at her first game was eat too!

Very cute pics!

LeeAnne said...

Cute pictures!!! Maggie loves riding in her bike trailer too, even though she has her own bike.

The Hardin Family said...

Chris looks like he's in heaven with 2 boys:)