Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hudson Goes to Preschool

Well my BABY started his Mother's Day Out/Thursday School this past week. It was MUCH harder on me than it was on Hudson. He went right in and wanted down to play. I thought that he would be upset, but he just waved bye to me and I had to make him give me a kiss. :( Anyways he did great. Here are a few pictures from this past Thursday.
Getting ready to leave for school.
Not so happy about going!!!
Playing with brother's new bowling pins.
Hudson and one of his new friends!!
Playing and totally ignoring me!!!
Hudson, Mrs. Melissa and Jackson
While Hudson was at school I decided that Cooper and I would have a Cooper/Mommy day. We never get to do anything just the two of us so we took advantage of this time! Cooper wanted to go bowling so we started off there and then went to the toy store. Afterwards we went to lunch and then it was time to pick up Hudson. I had so much fun spending time with Cooper and I hope that we get to do it more often!!!


Amy said...

Hudson looks too little for preschool! I can't believe it's that time already! :( And what a fun day for you and Cooper!! Sweet boys....

The Roper's said...

So sweet! It is nice to have a little one on one time. Hudson looks so cute with his little backpack on.

Casey and Amy Bough said...

You don't know me, but I played softball with Chris's sister, so he may remember me. I also know Amanda Fraley and one of my good friends is friends with Rebecca. That was a great picture of Amy and her husband. Tell her congratulations for me. My maiden name is Ayers. We have a little one too that is a month older than Hudson. Aren't they fun? Tell Amy I said hi.

The Claunch Family said...

I think these days are always harder on Mommy than it is on the little ones. Where does he go?

LeeAnne said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so adorable wearing that backpack. It's almost as big as he is! I'm glad you both survived this first day ... it always gets easier after that!

Deana said...

I can't believe it! Hudson is getting to be such a big boy! I could just eat him up, but I really need him to influence Tallan some :-) Maybe one day :-)
Cooper goes back soon too and then you can have a moment of peace even if it is just for a few hours!!!

caroline G said...

So cute!!! His backpack is bigger that he is!!

Courtney said...

So crazy! It seems like yesterday he was born! They grow toooo fast!