Monday, April 9, 2007

Gym play time

My aunt and uncle own a gymnastic center in Ooltewah and we decided to take Cooper over there to see if he would like it. As you can see he did!! He had such a great time!! Climbing out of the pit after jumping off of the trampoline!

Hanging from the uneven bars!

Taking a break on some piece of gym equipment!!

Chillin' in the pit!

Mommy and Cooper "stuck" in the pit.
I do not recommend getting into a pit if you are prego. It is VERY TOUGH getting out!!
A quick update about Cooper and his eye infection. He is doing great and the doctor said that he could resume all of his normal activities!! Thank goodness because I do not think that we could keep him calm (whatever that is??) much longer!


Jennifer & Charlie said...

You look so pretty in the "pit." Sounds like a fun little outing.

And the duck...he was cute. Sorry you had such an ordeal.

I don't remember seeing a picture of your dog; have I missed it?

The Stone's said...

I didn't know your aunt and uncle owned that. We have been there for a b-day party before, and it is a really neat place! What a good connection to have.

Amy said...

I am so sad that we missed you guys last week. Maybe next time....

caroline G said...

Jennifer!!! You look so great! Congratulations on baby #2! Cooper is so cute!! Great to hear from you, look forward to hearing more about the Jones!

Heather B Mc said...

Hey Jennifer!! I can not believe you have a two year old and another on the way. I love seeing pictures of you Cooper and Kris. The pit is by far the best place to hang out in the GYM.