Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday our church had a wonderful Easter egg hunt. Despite the rain, we all had a great time and the children seemed to be enjoying themselves! Cooper liked the eggs for about 2 minutes and then he found an egg with a sucker inside. Once he found that egg, his hunting was over!! I had to bribe him to find some more eggs so I could take some more pictures. It is crazy the things that parents do just to get a couple of cute pictures!!


Amy said...

Your baby bump is growing!! And I'm with ya on the crazy things you'll do to get a good picture. Of course, I take my camera everywhere we go so Paul and Sophie are sick of cooperating!!

Deana said...

I miss you guys! Cooper looks like he was doing a great job. I need to get my photos developed of Dayne. I can't wait till this weekend and get him all dressed up! I hope you guys are doing well. We need to take pictures of our bellies, with clothes on and the post them. I want to come and see you guys, maybe next week- let me know what you shedule is looking like!
Love you and Kiss Cooper for me- Dayne has been saying his name every day :)

Elizabeth Byerly said...

Cute pictures, it looks like Cooper knew what to do!I love the new colors on your blog! I think I need to liven mine up a bit!

Misty George said...

Hey Jennifer,
Cooper is so cute! Hope you guys are doing well! You look great by the way! Tell Chris I said hello.

The Robertson's said...

What cute pictures- I love Easter. You look great by the way. I love that little belly. Unfortunately, I don't have a belly, but the fat is just evenly distributed throughout my body!
Happy Easter!