Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cooper has been dying to play baseball for a while now so we finally gave in and let him play
t-ball this year! I have to admit, it has been fun buying all of the little t-ball equipment and his uniform! He is always wanting to "practice batting!" He is a really good hitter and we are working on his catching.
Yesterday was his first game and he was SO excited! His team is the Mets and Chris is coaching (which is very comical!) He talked about playing baseball all day. When it was finally time for the game he walked right out on the field and wanted to bat! He got 2 great hits and had a blast! Here are some pictures from his first game!

Ready to play ball!!
The Mets!!
Cooper and his friend Tommy before the game!
Running after a ball.
Focusing on catching the ball!!
Ready, set, get the ball!!
Waiting to bat! He was SO ready to bat!!
Cooper ready for his first at bat!In there team huddle after the game! "Go Mets!!"


The Claunch Family said...

That's adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Oh that is so cute! He looks like such a big kid in his uniform!

The Hardin Family said...

So cute! I saw little girl tee ball equipment at Target that was pink! I would want Maggie to play just for the pink bat and bag:)

The Roper's said...

This is so cute!!!

The Hadfields said...

How precious!! Helooks like a natural in that uniform.)

Melanie said...

Hey Jennifer! It's Melanie Sampson Goodwin...found your blog through Stephanie. Your boys are adorable! I have an almost 3 year-old and he can't wait to play ball either! It will be fun to hear about how things go with his season. I look forward to reading more about your beautiful family!

Tina said...

So cute! I bet it's a lot of fun to watch. I hope Caleb will want to play baseball!

Deana said...

Oh I love it!!! Send me his schedule!!! Maybe we can make a game!!I so wish they had not changed the age range here for Dayne!
But I know Copper is loving it!!!!

Dianne Bryden said...

He looks so big in his uniform! He looks like he had a great time. I'm sure Hudson was right there ready to play, too!

caroline G said...

So Sweet!