Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Fun!!

We have been really busy with lots of nothing lately. Both of the boys have been sick, but I think that we are all on the upswing now!!!! It was a really long week for all of us! Anyways, now that we are "back to life", we have been busy. Here are some pictures from the last few days.
Hudson and Cason playing at Playworld Hudson "trying" to learn to use the potty.
Max, Cooper and Jonas playing outside during playgroup.
Hudson having a BAD HAIR DAY!!!
On Saturday we went to two birthday parties! The first was for Cooper's sweet friends Kate and Lydia. It was at Pump It Up and of course everyone had a blast!!! Happy birthday Kate and Lydia! After their party we headed to the fire station for Alex's birthday party. Cooper loved looking at all of the fire engines and he really loved playing on all of the engines! Here are some pictures from the fire station (I forgot to take my camera in a PIU).
Cooper and Max at Alex's birthday party!
Cooper DID NOT like fireman Sam with all of his gear on!! I must admit, it was a little frightening!
The whole gang at Alex and Ian's party!!
Fireman Cooper ready to put out a fire!!
Ian, Alex and Cooper sitting in the fire truck!


The Hadfields said...

I had no idea you could have b-day parties at the fire station!! FUN! The boys look precious, as always!

moshieraj said...

Birthday party at a firestation???? How cool is that! LOVE Hudson's bed head hair.LOL! They are so cute! You can always see Coopers great personality in his smile!

becky bell said...

Hey girlie! I just wanted you to know I gave you a Kreativ Blog Award. Check it out on my blog! :)