Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well, the Halloween festivities have begun...On Saturday we went to Boo in the Zoo. Both of the boys had a great time despite it being so crowded. The weather was a little chilly but it worked out great for Hudson since his costume was so thick!! Here is my little turtle taking a break from all of the excitement!!Hudson riding a pony for the first time!! He loved the ponys even though he kept "mooing" at them like they were cows!!!
Cooper on his pony ride!
Walking with Nana
Here are my two little trick-or-treaters: a turtle and a fisherman!!! Aren't they cute!!
On Monday we had our playgroup Halloween party. We all had a great time! There were games, toys, great food and lots of friends to play with (24 to be exact!!!) Here are some of the pictures from the party.
Me and my two boys! The whole gang!!!
Playing bust the pinata!
My little fisherman climbing up the play set!
This is not related to Halloween at all, but I just thought this was so sweet!!! They really love each other so much!!!


The Claunch Family said...

Looks like fun! I love, love, love that last picture! I hope my two girls love each other that much when they are bigger!

becky bell said...

I love the turtle. That last picture is priceless. They are so sweet. Hopefully they will stay that way as they grow older.

Cristie said...

Love your lil turtle. Lola is going to be a turtle this year too!

Deana said...

The turtle costume is so cute!! I am so glad you got that!!!! Yes tomorrow begins the fun for us! Preschool fun starts at 1100 so here we go he won't want to take off his spider man costume one bit I can promise that!
They are so cute together!!!

The Hadfields said...

boo in the zoo?? how cute!! Your boys are so sweet!!