Sunday, October 19, 2008

Down on the Farm Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we met two other families at Down on the Farm. They have such a great pumpkin patch as well as a playground, a tricycle track, swings, a petting zoo, a mini corn maze as well as a big corn maze, etc. . We had a great time and the weather was perfect!!!! I am so glad that fall weather is finally here! Here are LOTS of pictures from this past weekend!
They have a "train" that is known as the cow train . It is an old barrel that they have cut a hole in and painted to look like a cow. Well the kids really wanted to ride it so here is Meghan, Cooper and Alex getting ready for the cow train ride!
Of course Hudson wanted to ride too so here we are preparing (and barely fitting) for the train ride!
Cooper and Meghan in the corn pit! They loved this pit!!!
Cason and Hudson watching everyone riding the tricycles! I LOVE this picture of them!
My 3 boys on the hayride!

Karen, Cason, Hudson and I on the hay ride!
Cooper after picking out his pumpkin!
Hudson trying to pick up a BIG pumpkin!
He finally found one that was more his size!!
He loved the hayride! He would look at us and just start laughing!
After the hayride, they took us back and we got to paint our pumpkins. Here is Daddy and Hudson "painting" Hudson's pumpkin!
Cooper painting his pumpkin!
Cooper playing on top of the haystack!


The Claunch Family said...

Looks like so much fun, that looks like such a cute place!

Alicia said...

Looks like you had as much fun as we did the previous weekend! Where were Julene and her family?

LeeAnne said...

Looks like fun!!! I told Karen yesterday that I was jealous of the weather you guys had -- the cool day made it seem much more "pumpkin-patchy." That picture of Hudson holding his pumpkin is ADORABLE!

becky bell said...

I can't wait to go back there next year. We had a good time at Guthrie's but Down on the farm was much more fun. Your boys are too cute. I love Hudson laughing on the hay ride. Priceless!

Mary-Kate said...

Love the skeleton shirt!

The Roper's said...

So good to see Hudson feeling good! We are loving the fall weather too.