Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wiggles!!!

This past Friday night we headed to Nashville to see The Wiggles Live in concert! I must admit that they put on a very entertaining show! Chris and I were both impressed and Cooper and Hudson absolutely LOVED the show! If your children are into The Wiggles and they are ever in town, I highly suggest you go see them! Anyways here are some pictures from the show:This is a pictures of "the bone" that Cooper made Wags the Dog.
Posing in his new Wiggles shirt and Big Red Car light-up toy.
Making their entrance in The Big Red Car!
Murray and Anthony playing the guitar!
Cooper giving one of the dancers the bone that he made for Wags.
Dancing to the music.
There are a couple of pictures that I did not include because they were a little blurry but Chris got us such great tickets (the 6th row) Cooper got to give high fives to Anthony and Jeff. It was cute becasue he was so proud!


The Hadfields said...

Oh, that would be the highlight of Sophie's little life!!! How fun!

Alicia said...

How fun! Rebekah has never been a HUGE Wiggles fan, but she has enjoyed them. I bet Joshua would like them now. I think the kids would enjoy a concert even more than video.
It looks like Cooper had a great time!

Charlie and Jennifer Senn said...

The Wiggles are the it thing, for sure. Glad he had a good time. And Happy B'day Hudson. His cake was cute. The backyard looks like super fun all-American!

LeeAnne said...

Maggie has that same light-up toy that Cooper got -- she calls it her car stick. The Wiggles rock! ;-) We've seen them twice (once with Greg and once without) and loved them both times.

Ellen said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun! Yay, what a great family adventure for Cooper and Hudson!!!