Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This past week

This past week has been so busy! Unfortunately we ALL had the stomach bug. There was someone sick in our house every day last week until Thursday night:( I am glad to report that we are all doing much better now and looking forward to having a healthy Christmas!! On Tuesday night, some of the moms from our playgroup met and had dinner. We decided to have an ornament exchange and cookie swap. It was so much fun and I have to say an evening without all of the little ones was SO NICE!!! Here is a picture of most of the moms!

On Friday we left for Gatlinburg. We had such a relaxing weekend! We did lots of shopping, eating and laying around to catch up on some much needed sleep! It was so nice to get away for the weekend! Here are 2 pictures of us from this weekend!

On Sunday evening, Cooper had his Christmas performance at his Mother;s Day Out. They all made Rudolph shirts from their little hands. They weer so cute. Of course they "attempted to" sing Rudolph but Jingle Bells turned out much better! I think that they enjoyed shaking their bells the most!! Here is Cooper and his class before and during the performance!

Cooper, Ace and Riley

This is just a cute picture that I had of Hudson after Cooper's performance on Sunday night!

Cooper and his Rudolph shirt

Hudson is finally starting to sit up without constantly falling over so I have started to bath him in his bath chair. He seems to love it because he can sit up and see/play with all of the bath toys! Cooper now loves to take a bath with him!


Deana said...

Love the back drop of the first pic of you guys, where was that at? I am glad you got away for a weekend!! They are needed! Dayne is sick now, fever for the last few days and I feel like my hands are tied. "Treat symptoms" is all I hear, very frustrating.
The boys look great and I can't believe Hudson - he is getting big and How time flies, so sad! I am already looking at some ideas for Dayne's birthday- March will be here before I know it!
Have a great Christmas, My bro and Maggie come in tomorrow and then off to the races, it will just keep getting busier until next Tuesday.
Have a great Christmas! Give kisses to the boys!

moshieraj said...

What a fun time. I am so glad you all felt better and were able to enjoy Gatlinburg and your ladies night out. I loved your Christmas card. Thanks for sending it. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas

The Hadfields said...

Great pics!!
The boys are changing with every post!!
Have a Merry Christmas!!