Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busy December!!

Two weekends ago there was a Christmas parade downtown so Chris and I took the boys! Cooper loved it and Hudson feel asleep about half way through. I think that all of the lights and noise were just too much for the little guy! Here is a picture of us waiting for the parade to start!

Cooper sitting on Daddy's shoulders so he can see everything!

After the parade, we met my Dad and his girlfriend for his birthday dinner (we all had the stomach bug on his actual birthday--YUCK!) We had a wonderful dinner and then Cooper decided that we ALL had to ride on the horse and carriage. Much to my displeasure we did and I will admit, it was such a nice night outside that we had a great time!

Last week we went to the mall to visit Santa! (If you have not been yet, go on a Wednesday night b/c there was noone waiting in line. Cooper got to sit and talk to Santa for a long time!) This was Hudson's first encounter with Santa and he would just look at him. As usual he was very laid back about the entire thing! Here they are with Santa in their matching outfits!!(Thanks Melia for making them! They turned out so cute!)

Last, but not least, we had breakfast with Santa this past Saturday morning and my Dad met us. We had yummy pancakes, listened to Christmas songs and saw Santa again! We had a great time!


Heather B Mc said...

Great pictures. It looks like y'all have been very busy with Christmas festivities!!!!

The Hadfields said...

You guys have seen plenty of Santa!! That's great, i bet Cooper is so excited about Christmas!!

moshieraj said...

What great pictures with Santa. Your boys are so cute!

The Adcocks said...

Those are sweet pictures. It makes me excited for my two little boys next year! Y'all are making some fun memories.

Tracy said...

Cute pictures...ya'll have had lots of fun! I love their matching outfits.