Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Preschool - Here I Come!!

Today was Cooper's first day of Preschool! He was very excited this morning and he could not wait to go and play with all of his friends!! He was very proud of his new "horse" backpack. He looks so big wearing it!!
Smiling for Mom (only b/c I told him if he smiled, he could go play at school!!)

After we told Mrs. Gillian (his teacher) hello, Cooper quickly found some toys to play with!
I must say that this year was MUCH better than last years first day of school. When I left him last year, we BOTH were crying! This year neither one of us were crying! I knew that he was ready to get back to school and see all of his freinds, so this made it easier for me to send him without getting upset! I know that he will have a great year!


Elizabeth Byerly said...

Cute pictures! The backpack does make him look like a big kid! How often does he go to school? I'm trying to decide on how many days to send Em... 1 or 2?

Deana said...

I can't wait for Dayne to start preschool again! He needs it so bad. Does Cooper need a nap time mat this year? If so where did you get one?? Dayne will need one and I need to get one asap. Hope all is well tell everyone hello! I can't wait-next week we leave for the beach! Finally a true vacation out of the state!

The Hadfields said...

His smile cracks me up. It's the same every time isn't it??

Jennifer said...

What a sweet smile! Hope he's enjoying preschool