Thursday, May 14, 2009

Muffins with Mom and Preschool Performance

On Tuesday Cooper's preschool had "Muffins with Mom." It was so nice and the kids were all so excited! Each child made a really cute tote bag for their moms. They were so proud of their gift because it was a surprise!! Also the teachers surprised us with a WONDERFUL scrapbook from the year! It was truly amazing! The book has to be at least 30 pages! Cooper and I have both enjoyed looking at all of the things he has done over the past year! Anyways, here are two pictures from our special morning!!
Me and my sweet boy!Cooper proud of his gift for me!!
Today was another special day at preschool. They had their end of the year performance and it was SO cute!!! Here are some pictures from our little star!!!

Mrs. Judy, Cooper and his best friend Caleb!!
His class singing

Each child had a "special part" and Cooper and a few other little boys were fisherman in boats. They had two songs they had to sing and they did a wonderful job!!
Cooper and Alex "catching their fish!"
"I caught it!!!"
It is hard to believe that preschool is almost over. Cooper only has one more week and then it is time to celebrate the summer! Wow, this year has gone by SO fast!!!


The Hadfields said...

Looks like a really cute program!