Sunday, December 7, 2008

This post is really long because we have lots going on this weekend! This past Friday was my friends Karen's birthday and we had a little surprise party for her! I think that she was surprised and we all had a great time!! Happy Birthday Karen!! On Saturday we went to breakfast with Santa which meant that Hudson would have to sit on Santa's lap..... YEAH RIGHT!! He screamed as soon as I sat him down. He is totally fine with him as long as someone is holding him. In fact he loves to look at him, give him five and even say "HO HO HO." Oh well maybe next year! (At least Cooper likes him this year!) Last night we went to a fun Christmas parade and watched all kinds of floats with Christmas lights! Even though it was a little cold we all had a great time! We even ate dinner at Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger afterwards!! Yummy!! Anyways today we went to church but tonight we are staying in and taking it easy. So here are some of the pictures from the weekend!

I just thought that this was cute of Hudson in his little winter longall!! the next few pictures are from last night at the parade! We all had a great time! Here is Meghan and Hudson watching all of the lights at the parade! Isn't this so cute of them!!
Some of the gang at the parade!
Hudson all bundled up trying to stay warm! Me and my two boys!!
Cooper and Meghan enjoying the parade!
On Saturday:
Cooper and Meghan at breakfast with Santa!!
Random pictures:
So the other day I look up and this is what I saw.... Cooper with one boot on ....
and Hudson with the other!

Last weekend Cooper and Hudson spent the day with Nana, Aunt JuJu and "Aunt" Kali. They decided to make a gingerbread house. Cooper was very proud of his house!

The other night the Wilson's came over to eat dinner. We decided to give the kids a bath and then let them play afterwards. Here are some pictures of Cason and Hudson playing while Cooper and Meghan took a bath.
Cason and Hudson playing with their Santa hats!


The Claunch Family said...

Those are so cute! Looks like you have been busy, busy, busy this holiday season. I love the one of you and your boys, you look great!

The Roper's said...

Great picture of you and the boys!

Deana said...

I need to get down to you guys soon!!! Hudson is getting so big!! I can't believe how old our boys are now :-( Hope all is well and I will call you soon!!

caroline G said...

The boys are so sweet! Love Hudson in his blue outfit! Happy Holidays!!!

Alicia said...

Those boot pics are hilarious! Oh, and I saw those winter longalls on KK's website, but I'm getting a replica made (no smocking, though) and a coordinating outfit for Rebekah. I love KK's stuff, just hate the prices.