Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All of the Birthday Fun!

So here are some of the pictures of all of Cooper's birthday fun! We started celebrating on Thursday (his actual birthday) and we had a party on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday we had a "family" party and then on saturday we had a friends birthday party at Pump It Up!!
This is the jeep that Chris and I got Cooper. I think that Hudson likes the jeep as much as Cooper does! Whenever Cooper stops driving, Hudson will get made and start yelling. It is really funny! My sister flew in and SUPRISED us for Cooper's birthday! It was so good seeing her!! Here is a picture of Cooper, me, my sister Julie and my "adopted sister" Kali (Cooper calls her "Aunt Kali") Thanks for coming to celebrate "Aunt Kali."
My sister showed up in this wig and as you call tell Cooper thought it was pretty funny!
Hudson however did not like the wig as much!! :)
These are from the Pump It Up party. Nana and Cooper sliding and having a blast!
Papaw and Ms. Gail had as much fun as the kids!! :)
Mommy and the birthday boy!
Daddy and Hudson sliding down the big slide.
Cooper must have felt like a king in the big birthday chair!
Cooper and his girlfriend Meghan.
Cooper, Nana, Hudson and JuJu
The 4 of us
Papaw, Ms. Gail and the birthday boy
Grandma and Pops with the birthday boy!

Overall we had a great turnout and the party was a BLAST!! All of the children and even most of the adults had a great time playing on all of the fun infaltables! Thanks to everyone who came and made Cooper's birthday a very special day! I hope that you had a happy birthday big boy!
We love you!


Stephanie said...

What fun! Hayley went to a birthday party at Pump it Up last December. I love that place!

Thank you for the double anniversary wishes - you're so sweet!

The Hadfields said...

I love all the pics and I loved seeing Julie!! 3, man, I can't imagine Sophie being 3 but it's just around the corner. Looks like a fun party!

Deana said...

Dayne had so much he is still thanking God in his prayers at night for Cooper's party at Pump it Up and the Big slides. Tullahoma I have found out has a 'Bounce Barn' we will have to check it out and let you know. But in the meantime we will have to plan another trip to pump it up!!
We had a wonderful time at the party, wish we could have spent more time with you guys, next time!!