Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Easter Egg Hunt

I think that this is the last of the Easter pictures! This was from our church egg hunt.
Cooper, Lillie and Riley

And he's off!!
Doesn't this look so sweet and innocent!?!?
Papaw and his buddies!

This is how Hudson was through most of the egg hunt!
My sweet family!
Being silly after his nap!


Deana said...

Too Cute! I was thinking that Cooper was going to jump in :) Easter is so much fun and so much to do!! We hope to see you guys this week, lets home the throw stops soon :) THanks for your help!

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean...I thought Hayley was going to go to so many egg hunts that eggs were going to come out of her ears!

Did you all make it over to the BBS alumni egg hunt? My mom took Hayley and she said it was organized very well!

The Daniels said...

Love the pic of you guys by the water. Glad you had a good time:) Hope you all are doing well

LeeAnne said...

Great photos, and I love the new blog layout too!