Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, we finally got it--SNOW!! Cooper was so excited when he saw the snow! He started screaming "Look Snow!!" Even though there was not a lot of snow when he was out, there is quite a bit more snow now. All of the schools around here are closed tomorrow so hopefully there will still be some snow in the morning and all of the kids can get out and play in it! Maybe we will have more pictures to post tomorrow! Until then we hope you get some snow and maybe even a day off of work/school! Enjoy!!
Ready for the snow!!!

This is "Little Frosty." Cooper and Daddy made him and Cooper was very proud of him!


The Hopkins Family said...

Wow, y'all even got to make a little snowman. I sure hope the snow lasts until the morning, or I am going to have one sad little girl here!

Jennifer said...

I love the outfits. Glad the boys loved bowling. The girls had fun too!

Tracy said...

Fun! No snow in Nashvegas :(

moshieraj said...

You got more snow than we least you could make a snowman. I was more excited to get Emerson out than she was too. The boys do look cute all bundled up!

The Hadfields said...

What a hilarious little frosty!!