Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pajama party with Santa!!

On Sunday, Chris and I took Cooper to the mall to have a pajama party with Santa and friends. There were lots of great characters there and of course Cooper was scared of them so that is why there are not any pictures of these great characters! Anyways, it was lots of fun! While the children ate, the charatcters put on a little skit. Then the kids got to particiate in face painting, crafts, watch a laser show, have milk and cookies and of course got to sit on Santa's lap. I am really glad that we took him b/c by the end of the night, Cooper was not scared of "HoHo" anymore, in fact he actually wanted to go back and sit on his lap again!!!

After Cooper told Santa what he wanted for Christmas, he posed with Santa and Mrs. Clause

Cooper and Meghan chillin out waiting to get their face painted!

Isn't he cute sitting in Shrek's chair!

Cooper sitting in the sleigh with Santa and Mrs. Clause!
Cooper and Meghan hugging each other before they had to say good night!


The Hadfields said...

That is too cute! Cooper looks so big in those striped pjs!!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I love cooper's pj's! That's funny about the characters!

kali said...

WOW!! sooooooo freaking cute! i want to steal him. ps- my dad has a friend selling tickets to the sec game for under 100$ a piece if yall wanna go??? let me know

Tracy said...

Where did you get his PJ's-so cute! Glad that you can relate...look forward to the little things now like sleep-remember in college those great naps that we all took :) Would be nice huh?!