Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Chris, the boys and myself, just hung out and spent some quality time together! We all relaxed around the pool on Saturday and then we went to feed the ducks. Cooper loves feeding them!! That night we went and watched the UT/CAL game. Once again UT got beat. Sunday we went to church and hung out at home. The boys and I took a nap while Chris had to work!! HA! HA! My dad took Cooper swimming that night so that Chris and I could get some things done! Thanks Dad!! Well, we really enjoyed our weekend and we hope that you did too!

Hudson posing for the camera! (Would you look at those cute, fat arms.

I just want to squeeze them!)
Cooper watching the ducks eat the bread he fed them!

My two boys!!

Doesn't he look so peaceful! (6 weeks old)


moshieraj said...

WOW! Hudson is already 6 weeks old?!?!? He is so sweet! Looks like you guys had a great Labor Day!

The Hadfields said...

I can't believe how big Hudson looks! You must be feeding him well girl! He's precious!

Heather B Mc said...

I just love watching them sleep. Those two boys are really precious.