Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hodge Podge of pictures

Well, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!! Mine was great! I spent the day with my wonderful, soon-to-be bigger family! This is us after church.

This is Cooper at Coolidge Park. He decided to take a break from playing in the water and went to sit in the flowers!?! When I asked him what he was doing, he gave me this smile!!!
Some friends of ours borrowed our bassinet and the other night they gave it back to us. Chris, without thinking, sat it down and when we looked up, Cooper was in it!!! It was so cute because he looked at us and said, "Night Night!!" I told him it was for his baby brother, but he did not seem to care, he continued to play in it the rest of the night. I hope that he doesn't try to crawl into it when he baby brother is in it??!!??

On Tuesday, we had a pre-birthday party for three of the childrden at Cooper's preschool that have summer birthdays. As you can see, they all loved it, especially the cupcakes!!! Happy Early Birthday Macy, Cooper and Max!!!!
(Sorry about the sideways picture. I am not sure what happened???)

Well, we are off to the beach! This is our last vacation before Hudson gets here! We are all looking forward to getting away and spending some family time together!!! I will post some pictures when we return! Have a great week!!!!


The Hadfields said...

I love the picture with all 3 of you in sunglasses!!! Your belly has grown since the last post!! Have fun on your last family of 3 vacation!!! Love ya!

Deana said...

Have fun at the beach and enjoy the last 'just the 3 of you' vacation! See you when you get home!
love you all

The Stone's said...

Have fun at the beach...I am jealous.

Jennifer & Charlie said...

love the picture of him lying in the bassinet!