Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beautiful Weather

Sorry it has taken so long to post new pictures, but I think that Blogger has been messed up. Oh well, at least it is working now!

On Sunday, we all came home and took a nap. When Cooper woke up from his nap, we decided that it was to pretty to stay inside so we ate a snack and headed outside. It was so beautiful!! Cooper decided to help his Daddy wash Mommy's car. He thought that it was funny to spray the water everywhere!

This picture is from Monday at the park. We meet up with our playgroup at Vandergriff Park. What a great park!! Cooper saw his friend Meghyn sitting on the bench and he thought he should go and join her.

Cooper helping Daddy spray the soap off of Mommy's car.

Cooper riding his John Deere Gator. He loves riding it down our driveway! It is cute to see him get so excited about this, but it makes me nervous!! I guess I am going to have to get used to this since Cooper will have a brother to teach all of these things too!


Amy said...

How sweet!! Are you feeling good? I think you need to post some cute preggo pics!!

Deana said...

How great!! We have been soaking up all the great days too. Dayne is having a blast outside and helping Jason. Cooper looks like a great helper! I am going to go through withdraws this weekend so I will call you soon :)

The Adcocks said...

he is so cute! I love the blond hair. Will's was that blonde last summer. He looks so much like you. Do other people think that or do they think he looks like Chris? Will loves to help his daddy with everything. Aren't we lucky to have such good husbands?