Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Mom Got Remarried!

Well, some of you know that last weekend my mom got remarried. She looked so beautiful!! She and Mitchell are very happy and I want to wish them the best in their new life together! CONGRATS Mom!! We love you!
My Mom and her two favotire "little" men!

Me, Mom and Julie (my sister)

My sweet family!


moshieraj said...

OK...did you even have a baby? Besides living up to your nickname Grand Tetons, you don't even look like you were ever prenant! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! and congrats to your mom.

Courtney said...

Congratulations to your mom! You look just like her!!! I second Amanda, you look great!

Stephanie said...

All 3 of you look beautiful! Are you sure that's your mom? She looks like a sister!

Deana said...

Tell your mom congrats for me! She looks great. You look soooo good!! I am so jealous! I hope to see you this weekend

The Hadfields said...

Congrats to your momma! I'm glad she's happy. You forgot to post pics of him!?! :)

The Robertson's said...

Congrats to your Mom! Those are some great pictures of all of you. Hudson is getting so big! I agree with everyone you look fabulous! Grand Tetons? -I'm dying laughing right now.